9 'Don'ts' For First Dates

For love's sake.

We've already said that people need to start going on more dates, but now of course, we worry that people have forgotten how to behave. 

Rather than hand you another list of behaviors that you should endeavor to incorporate into your romantic life, here are 9 things you shouldn't do on a first (or any other) date.


1. Don't be indecisive about where to go. Have a plan.

This is NOT a good follow-up conversation to asking someone out:

"What do you want to do?"
"I don't know. What do you want to do?"
"Whatever you want to do."

Have a destination, a plan and a back-up plan. "I Don't Know" is not a place for a date unless you have a date with yourself and Netflix.

2. Don't go to a movie.

Two reasons:

1) You won't be paying any attention to your date.

2) You leave your date no "out" if he/she finds you intolerably boring. "Oh no, my sister just called... I have to go babysit" may very well be an excuse, but it allows both parties to save face when a date reveals a total lack of chemistry.

Leave room for both possibilities. A movie allows for neither.

3. Don't fail to dress to impress.

For some reason, this seems to be completely lost on people. I did an informal survey of my female friends in Hollywood about how they wish men would dress. You know what the unifying answer was?


4. Don't go crazy with fragrance.

If you can be detected at more than an arm and half of length, then you have overdone it. 

5. Don't talk about yourself too much. Instead, ask questions.

People aren't interested in people who are solely interested in themselves. 

People are interested in people who are interested in them.

Ask questions. Listen to answers. Rocket science, right?

6. Don't let your attention wander.

Don't check out the waitress. Don't check out the bartender. It's rude. Come on.

Also, you can always go back and check them out. 

7. Don't get drunk.

1. It can lead to questionable decision-making.

2. As a means of self-defense against being bored to tears by an insufferable date, it never really works. If there's one thing worse than being bored, it's being drunk and bored. 

You can always go home and get drunk. 

8. Men: Don't try to split the check. It's bad form.

No matter how many people continue to insist otherwise, splitting the check is just unchivalrous. 

9. Don't forget your manners.

Please, thank you. Open doors. Old-fashioned? Yes. Absolutely. Little things count, as we've pointed out before. Be on your best behavior.

And stay on your best behavior. Manners will always matter. Etiquette will never go out of style.

Cover image via iStock / taramara78.

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