9 Couples Who Have Turned Traveling The World Into A Full-Time Job

Celebrating alternative lifestyles all over the globe.

If you and your partner have ever dreamed of leaving your normal life behind to travel the world, or simply want to live vicariously through others who have, these 9 couples are the perfect Instagram inspiration. They've turned their passion for exploration into full-time jobs (some have even gotten paid thousands for a single travel Instagram post). 


So if you've ever wanted to take the plunge with your partner, take a cue from these 9 duos who are #relationshipgoals all over the globe. 

1. Sheridan and Joel Lathe

This married couple travels all over the world in a sailboat, and that's not even the coolest part. While on their adventures, Sheridan provides veterinary care to animals in need, often with Joel as her honorary vet nurse. 

"We both love to travel, and during veterinary school, I had to complete compulsory placements. I decided I wasn't going to use all my holidays working at local veterinary clinics, so I applied to do a volunteer stint in Rarotonga (Cook Islands). That inspired us even more to continue traveling after I graduated," Sheridan told A Plus earlier this month. "The first time we got the sails up properly, turned the motor off, and just let the wind take us was such an amazing feeling for us both."

2. Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen

With a combined Instagram following of over five million, this influencer couple has used social media to turn their passion for traveling into full-time careers. Due to the massive popularity of their photographs, Morris and Bullen have partnered with major brands such as Royal Caribbean Air NZ, and Uber. 

Through their work with the Vodafone Foundation and DreamLab, the duo has also used their Instagram presence to raise awareness about important issues such as cancer research. But that's not even the best part, according to Bullen. "Best thing is that we get to experience all these moments together and create such special memories," she told A Plus.

3. Miguel Madrid and Gabriel García

With an unparalleled sense of fashion and appetite for adventure, this couple shares their fun and personal vision through their highly artistic photographs and videos with the world on their blog and social media

During their travels, they've worked for Vogue Spain and made videos for the website, Glamour Spain, showcasing the coolest street style of international fashion weeks. Their website, Cup of Couple, was even awarded the Best Men's Fashion Blog by H&M, becoming the first Spanish blog to achieve this honor. Ultimately, the couple loves "how a camera tells stories," which has inspired them to create their own YouTube channel where they show special trips and styling tutorials, as well.

4. Rob and Joli Switzer

This Instagram famous couple isn't just known for their breathtaking photos, but the signature "dip-kiss" pose they strike in each one. Before they were married, the natural explorers (who met at a party for travelers in the Philippines) made their long-distance relationship work by meeting up in different cities all over the world  

"Since meeting each other, we've tweaked our lifestyle to be more focused on spending our money on experiences and less on material things ... Material things fade away, but memories last forever," the Switzers told A Plus in a 2017 November interview. "When we're tempted to buy something extravagant, we usually think to ourselves, 'Would I rather buy that or a plane ticket?' Obviously, the plane ticket wins the majority of the time!" 

5. Peter Sedlacik and Zuza Galova

After meeting and working together at an advertising agency in Slovakia and dating for four months, the couple took their first vacation together. That trip sparked Lens Between Us, a "visual travel diary" in which the photographer couple "face each other, frame up a great composition, and take a picture of each other… taking a picture of each other." Since starting Lens Between Us in June 2013, the couple has explored Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, and beyond. "We are best friends, soulmates, and, of course, we are more comfortable with each other — even in front of [the] camera," they told A Plus in April of 2016. 

"...People shouldn't be afraid of following their dreams. It might be hard, and of course, there are ups and downs, but it's your life. We are creating our own happiness."

6. Lorenza Tessari and Ilenia Dal Costello

This Italian-born couple now lives in Vancouver, Canada where they document their adventures exploring the country's stunning natural landscapes. From frozen lakes to lavender fields, they take in everything and document it on Instagram and Tessari's blog

Besides sharing the stories and pictures of their travels throughout Vancouver and Canada, Tessari also devotes a portion of her website to LGBTQ+ issues, particularly to the Vancouver queer life. Having been together for seven years, the couple finally gets to begin, in Tessari's words, "a life that I waited for so long."  

7. Calum Creasey and Lauren Smith

In 2010, this U.K.-based couple bought a "sorry looking" Volkswagen T4 van and decided to turn it into their home so they could live out their road-tripping dreams. Once they custom-designed the van to fit all their needs, they had a self-built home sweet home — on wheels. 

The couple funded their adventures across Europe by creating a small creative studio called Stokedeversince, which started from their personal travel blog. They also completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to create and publish their book The Rolling Home, chronicling their memories from the past five years they've spent on the road. Through the project, the couple aims to "show it isn't hard or expensive" to step out of your comfort zone and try living this way.

8. Becca Siegel and Dan Gold

After meeting in 2015, this photographer couple made their long-distance relationship work by taking pictures of their traveling and matching them up side-by-side. Thus, their travel blog and Instagram HalfHalfTravel was born. 

"I think it makes us feel like we are closer," Becca told A Plus last year. "It makes me so excited that I'm with someone who has the same interests because we'll get equally excited over a really good half-and-half. It's a project for us to work on where we're not even on the same continent or in the same time zone but we still did something cool." Now, the couple live together in New York City, and even though they may be traveling less, they still do their signature side-by-side match-ups. 

9. Rich East and his cat Willow

While this isn't your typical traveling couple, these two were too cute to resist mentioning. East was living a normal nine-to-five life when he decided to give it all up for a chance at true happiness. For him, that meant traveling across Australia in a renovated camper van with his rescue cat, Willow, and chronicling everything on his blog  Van Cat Meow

Besides a 65,000 strong Instagram following, East also funds his adventure through items sold on his website. "Two and a half years have now passed since we left and there is no sign of us stopping yet," East wrote in a Love What Matters October 2017 Facebook post. "This is our life now and we are content. We have everything we need to be happy and most days we are!" 


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