9 Of The Kindest, Sweetest, Most Grateful Kids You'll Ever See

Much respect to #4.

There's a lot of talk about building a better future for children.


That's a great goal, but perhaps it misses the mark. The kids below represent the kinds of actions and attitudes that might just indicate that the world is full of parents and families who are building better children for the future.

Whether it's by instilling a sense of gratitude or generosity or just a passion for living, for enjoying the little wonders of the world, we can all help build better kids. Here are some images, compiled from Imgur, that illustrate a little bit of what we mean. Enjoy.

1. This kid, whose gratitude for a banana intended as a prank gift is infectious.

2. This kid who understands work/life balance.

3. This kid appreciating the aesthetics of a car wash.

4. This young gentleman who took not one, but THREE dates to Taco Bell for homecoming dinner... And did it right.

5. This little boy, taking care of a pal.

6. This kid, who has all the right moves.

7. This young lady who's figured out how to get her dad to let her watch morning cartoons.

8. This stuntman's kid learning how to take a fake punch from his dad.

9. And finally, this young man who single-handedly resurrected chivalry.

He caught the foul ball and gave it to the girl behind him...

And was given a gift bag, which he gave the wristband from to the same girl.

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