Paris Victims Receive Message From Children Whose Parents Died In 9/11

What a powerful message.

Ever since the terrorist attacks in Paris, people from all corners of the world have reached out in support. But one particular group may be able to empathize with the victims more easily than others.

This week, Vox presented a video showing children of the victims of 9/11 giving their advice and thoughts to victims of the terrorist attack. The heart-wrenching feature showed sons and daughters explaining what they have learned from their firsthand experience with terror. 

"You should never be afraid of any terrorist because I'm telling you the terrorists are more afraid than you are," one said.

And while the United States and countries all over Europe have fallen into a debate about how to handle the growing threat of terrorism. Instead of offering insight about how to beat terrorists, though, these people share insights about how to live your life to the fullest while fighting terrorism.

"You mean so much to society and you're so valuable," one man says. For you to be happy is just what everybody wants to see and will give everyone hope. I think that's just the best attack you can have on a terrorist, to smile, to show your teeth and just to love life."


Watch the touching video below:


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