8-Year-Old Boy Goes Viral For His Love Of Dressing In Drag — And The Supportive Response Is Refreshing

"It makes me feel very happy like I am accepted."

We've made a lot of positive strides toward allowing kids to be who they are — regardless of whether their choices fit into traditional masculine and feminine roles. Dads have been praised for encouraging their sons to explore toys that are marketed toward girls, such as princess dolls. Photo series that show children having fun, unburdened by gender roles have been celebrated. And gender neutral clothes that look great on any child are becoming more and more popular. 

But we definitely still have more work to do. Take one look at the comments section of Megan Fox's most recent Instagram post and you'll see what we mean. She shared a photo of her 4-year-old son Noah wearing a Frozen dress, which, apparently, offended many people. They shamed her and criticized her parenting even when it seemed clear she was just trying to support and love her children. 

That's why it's been so refreshing to see how supportive people are of 8-year-old Nemis. 


Nemis recently gained tons of media attention for his love of dressing up in drag. Nemis, who goes by the stage name "Lactatia," loves putting on makeup, elaborate costumes, and nails. He started by putting on his sister's tutu when he was a toddler.

"I think I've had Lactatia inside of me since I was born and that's why I love that song, 'Born This Way,' " he told Elle in a video interview. 

His mom, Jessica Mélançon, has been hugely supportive of his decision to dress in drag. "We just want our kids to express themselves however they see fit. As long as it's respectful and they're nice to people, we really don't care," she said in the video. "When he was about 7, we started watching Ru Paul's Drag Race. I think when he saw that that was an actual art form and they could be whatever they wanted, I think he decided that that's when drag was going to be like, his life." 

Nemis enjoys dancing and performing, but he loves getting to dress up. "It makes me feel very happy like I am accepted," he said. 

Nemis' peers have also been very supportive of his passion for drag. "My friends at school think Lactatia is very courageous [and that] she's really good at dancing. They also think that she's really good at playing video games and stuff like that," he said. 

While Nemis comes from a loving family and surrounds himself with supportive friends, he knows that other families may react negatively to learning their child wants to be a drag queen. "I don't think that should be a thing," he said. "I don't think other people should judge what people do." 

Since Elle first posted the video to their Facebook page last week, it's been viewed 24 million times, shared over 202,000 times and has over 267,000 likes. While some people took to the comments to disapprove, many of the responses have been extremely positive. People are praising Nemis for expressing himself and his parents for allowing him to be who he is. 

"This is beautiful! You continue to rock on you fierce lil mama you!! Don't ever let the world dull your shine, we need those souls who stand out, stand proud, and live their true authentic selves no matter what they come up against," one commenter wrote. "As a young child I knew exactly who I was, and I continue to be true to myself. Be weird, be wild, be beautiful." 

"I think it takes a lot of courage to be able to support your child being a drag princess in a society that judges everything you do... and the kid is also brave, for not caring what ppl might say or think! That is awesome! Beautiful story!" another commenter wrote. 

Both the negative and positive comments help to open up discussions about self-expression, LGBTQ+ issues, parenting, and acceptance. These discussions may just help to change someone's mind or open them up to a whole new perspective. 

Nemis himself is helping to break down stigma and spread acceptance by sharing his own story — and others just like him. On his Facebook page titled Life of Lactatia, he shares the stories of other young drag queens in hopes that people will follow their dreams as well. 


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