8-Year-Old Discusses Christmas With A 66-Year-Old, And Their Ideas On The Matter Are So Different

"What does Christmas mean to you?" "emm ... Santa!"

As we get older,  the way we think about the holidays change. As a child, your Christmas worries may be isolated to whether or not you're on Santa's naughty list, but as an adult you're worries can get a little bigger — like whether or not you'll be able to make it home for the holidays.  

Irish YouTube channel Facts explored the different ways we approach holidays at different stages of life in their latest episode featuring an 8-year-old boy talking to a 66-year-old man. Of course their ideas on Christmas are worlds apart.

When Colm, 66, asked Jamie, 8, about his favorite Christmas memory, the boy replied, "when I saw Santa." Jamie said his Santa encounter was intense, as he almost fainted.  Then the boy asked Colm to share his own favorite Christmas memory and it happened to be a childhood experience. Colm goes on to tell Jamie the story of the time Santa brought him a bike. It goes to show that even though we grow up, our early holiday memories still stick with us. 

While Christmas presents may mean the world to kids, as we get older,  other things tend to make the holiday even more special. When asked what Christmas means to him, Colm replied, "Having all of my friends and family around me, and opening up all our presents and seeing all of the joy we have." He also mentioned how he and his family always invite his elderly neighbor, who lives alone, to their family Christmas dinner. When Jamie was asked the same question, he adorably replied, "emm ... Santa!"

Later in the video, Jamie asks Colm how Christmas changes as we get older — although, he does note that he thinks grown-ups stop getting gifts.  Colm explains to him that although grown-ups don't receive anything from Santa anymore, they still get to give each other gifts. In this sweet moment, the older man tells the boy that although Santa is wonderful, Christmas is also about togetherness, family, and love. 


Cover image via YouTube / Facts


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