An 8-Year-Old Boy Won Halloween With His Genius Hillary Clinton Costume

This kid has the Hillary 'do down pat.

No matter the outcome of this election, Hillary Clinton has already cemented her spot in history as a figure of female empowerment (and perhaps the passing of time will treat her more gently than people today have). Generations of women watched one of their own battle both overt and subtle sexism in her bid to the presidency, but what's less often talked about is how many young boys, too, are growing up witnessing America's first female president become a real possibility.

And this Halloween, just as many women were inspired to dress up as Clinton, so was one young boy in Brooklyn. In a tweet from his mom who goes by @DebbersGar, the boy put on his best Clinton-esque pantsuit, complete with tinfoil earrings and a briefcase emblazoned with the Clinton campaign logo for his trick-or-treat haul.

"Our 8 year-old son is with you @hillaryclinton today and everyday," @DebbersGar tweeted.


@DebbersGar later noted that it was her son who stepped up to the plate when her daughter rejected the idea. She told Mic that her daughter was "saying no to everything." So her son volunteered:

Then our son said, 'Someone has to be Hillary, I'm going to be Hillary!' He completely dropped his costume idea which was a character from a video game that's also a female character. He just was so gung-ho. He was so excited. They have similar hair. So we started by asking on Facebook if any of my friends' kids have like, pantsuits.

The proud mom told Mic that her son attended a neighborhood Halloween parade over the weekend, and he received a ton of compliments.

And of all the Halloween costumes this year, this one stands out as witty, empowering representation of how a potential female president is affecting the younger generation, both girls and boys alike.

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