8 People Demonstrate Why Walking And Texting Is A Bad Idea

Never mind a phone case, these people should've worn armor.

Everywhere you look, people are glued to their cell phones, whether it's in restaurants, on the subway, or even just walking down the street, people can be seen texting or finding other ways to be glued to their screen. That's all fine with us, but the problem is that if you're staring at your screen when you're walking down the street, you're not even half aware of what's going on around you. It's good way to get your phone snatched... or to run into other kinds of trouble that aren't as easily fixed as a stolen phone that can be replaced.

Check out these 8 people who demonstrate why you need to pay attention to the world around you rather than answer the next "what r u doing?" text.


1. Not even sure he was texting, but WHOA.

2. Not what you expect to run into while on your way to the store.

3. That umbrella probably wouldn't have helped much.

4. What's worse than dropping your phone in the toilet? This.

5. This guy is now trained to keep his eyes on the tracks.

6. To be fair, this elevator doesn't seem very safe.

7. Gotta stay prepared for anything, including pools in the middle of the car showroom.

8. Well, if you had paid attention, you might have seen the cones...

If you're walking down the street reading this, WATCH OUT FOR THAT BUS.

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