8 Foods That Will Immediately Improve Your Sex Life

Food is great. Sex is great. Why not put them together?

This kind of sexual experimentation is meant for experienced, committed, loving partners who are willing to play outside the box in their sex lives. We encourage you to practice safe sex regardless of what you bring into bed, and also ask that you do your own independent research before going forward. That being said, a good basic rule to follow is to avoid putting any of these foods in or directly onto your genitals... repurcussions are sometimes imminent. Also, it'd probably be worthwhile to come prepared with towels and napkins.

Most of all, though, remember that food and sex are just supposed to be good ol' fashioned fun. Let us know if you have any tips in the comments!


1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is on the rise. This non-sticky, healthy, tasty lubricant is a multi-threat and at the top of this list for a reason: it can be used for cooking oil, massage oil and — yes — sex. As far as reddit is concerned, it's the best thing ever.

2. Whip cream

Whip cream is the obvious classic. You've probably seen it in the movies, and you've certainly heard your friends talk about it. Tasty? Yes. Low on carbs? Yes. Easy to get creative with? Yes. The cons? It can be a bit sticky, and a bit cliche. 

3. Cherries

What is more inherently seductive than cherries? Sweet, red, juicy on the inside — these tasty snacks are more than just the top of your ice cream sundae or Shirley Temple: they're good fun in bed, too. Take the classic "are you a good kisser" test and see if you can tie the stem together in your mouth. Share one with your lover. Roll around in them. Just make sure you're having fun and don't mind some deep red stains on your sheets.

4. Melted Chocolate

This GIF should be all you need.

5. Popsicles

When it comes to food and sex, you're going to hear a lot of hype around things that come warm. But here is a pro tip: the cold sweets are just as good, and just as fun. Popsicles are the perfect companion for you and your partner, and they'll be a nice change of pace from your standard sex foods. 

6. Doughnuts

As Cosmopolitan recently pointed out, doughnuts can be a ton of fun in bed. The infamous Cosmo tip to hang a doughnut from your man's package isn't the only move, either. Use the doughnut as a target, placing it wherever you want your partner to go. Or, you know, you could just split it down the middle and eat it together.

7. Syrups

Warning: Syrup is just as sticky in bed as it is on, say, your table. If you're going to go with this succulent addition, make sure you are protecting your sheets and keeping away from any concentration of hair. Other than that, a little Maple syrup — or whatever your preference — can turn your lover into a delicious pancake right before your eyes.

8. Oysters

Surprised? We were too. But the truth is, oysters have a long history of being an aphrodisiac, something that increases sexual desire. Loaded with zinc, which is loaded with progesterone, which helps increase libido, oysters can do some good for both and women. While they may be inconvenient to actually involve in sex or foreplay, they're certainly at the top of the list for things to eat at dinner before you move to the bedroom. 

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