After Doctors Told Her She's At Risk For Alzheimer's, This 70-Year-Old Started A YouTube Channel To Document Her Life

"I realized life starts at 71 years old."

If you think YouTube is just for millennials, my oh my are you wrong. While it is true the platform attracts lots of young creators, people of all ages and backgrounds have taken to YouTube to express their opinions, creativity, and more. 

One creator in particular has caught our attention, not just because of her amazing content, but because she started the account at 70 years old. 

Her name is Park Makrye, and goes by the name "Korea Grandma" for her YouTube and Instagram accounts. 


The South Korean grandmother was encouraged to start posting on social media by her granddaughter, Kim Yura, 27, after Makrye was informed by doctors that she had a high risk of getting Alzheimer's, like her three sisters.

Makrye launched her accounts in January 2017 with the help of Yura, and she already has over 108,000 Instagram followers and over 17.8 million views on YouTube.

On her pages, Makrye posts beauty tutorials along with videos and photos of herself trying new things. The Korea Grandma YouTube account launched with Makrye documenting her trip to Australia with her granddaughter. Since then, she has posted videos in her "Granny Diary" of her trying pho for the first time, her first experience kayaking, and meeting different people.

What's even more impressive is that Makrye manages her accounts while also running a diner.

The Washington Post reports that the septuagenarian has been running a diner in Yongin, an area south of Seoul, for 40 years, and she still gets up at dawn to manage it. Makrye didn't receive much education because her parents wanted her to work. She doesn't know how to spell the majority of words and she only received brief lessons from a neighbor on how to read and write. In her teens, she cut firewood. When she got older, she ran the diner while raising three kids as a single mother.

Her openness to share her story and candid comments are part of the reason the Korea Grandma social media accounts have become so popular. Fans even make the pilgrimage to the diner, and they  affectionately call her captions "Makrye font," according to CTV News. The social captions frequently don't use spaces and are written in a local dialect, and users enjoy trying to guess what they mean.

Besides the massive following, the Korea Grandma accounts have also improved Makrye's life.

Her granddaughter, who edits her videos, revealed how she realized she and Makrye were similar after their trip to Australia. "I learned then that my grandmother was just like us. She likes to travel, eat tasty food, and take pretty photos," she said. "I'm her fan, too. She's the coolest person."

The experience has also given Makrye a new zest for life. In her signature candid style, she told the Associated Press in an interview that her life before YouTube was "dead like rotten bean sprouts." Now, she is excited for the future. "As I started doing this, I realized life starts at 71 years old," she explained, adding an extra year in the custom of Korea.

Korea Grandma has earned her so much attention, that Makrye is even set to appear in a YouTube commercial for Samsung's TV.

Scroll down to see photos from the @korea_grandma Instagram:


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