7-Year-Old Reporter Steals The Show And Our Hearts With This Hilarious Live Report

"Good morning, I'm doing an interview on you."

Meet Mater Vandeleur.


He might be just 7 years old, but this little Aussie has some serious talent. Especially when it comes to reporting news. 

Just a couple of days ago, Mater was featured as a guest reporters for 7 News Queensland, where he reported live from Ekka, an annual agricultural show in Brisbane, Australia.

This little fella handled it like an absolute pro, not to mention obviously stealing our hearts. 

Just watch him.

"Good morning, I'm doing an interview on you," this little nugget tells an animal keeper.

"I cant believe I got bumped by a sheep," he reports seconds later. "Like, that's never happened to me before."

Yeah, mate. Being a news reporter can be a bit challenging sometimes. 

He then makes his way to the sideshow alley ...

"We're are going to interview some of the rides," Mater announces.

Told you. He's handling it a like a pro.

"Are you liking this or wot?" the little reporter asks a girl he's sharing the ride with.

7 News Queensland, can you please hire him as a full-time reporter? He's a natural.

Watch the entire thing below:

"Back ... back to you, Kendall."

(H/T: Elite Daily)

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