This Lucky 7-Year-Old Plays The Dress Up Of Your Dreams

“She doesn’t like a lot of attention, but she lights up when she puts a costume on.”

Lots of kids love to play dress up, but few take it to the level of this little girl. 

With the help of her photographer mother Camillia Courts, 7-year-old Layla gets to dress up as her favorite characters and take insanely cool photos. She mostly picks Disney princesses such as Snow White and Cinderella, but she's also dressed up as other characters such as Violet from The Incredibles, Princess Leia from Star Wars, and as a Ravenclaw from Harry Potter. Her mom often makes the costumes herself or repurposes old dresses — and, sometimes, she participates in the shoots by getting in front of the camera in a costume of her own.

The mother-daughter duo share Layla's cosplaying photos on Instagram, where the account has acquired over 40,000 followers. Courts explained that the project has helped to bring her shy daughter out of her shell. 

"She doesn't like a lot of attention, but she lights up when she puts a costume on," she told BuzzFeed. "She becomes more chatty, she explodes with ideas, she twirls, and enjoys being dressed up. She secretly likes the attention from her classmates. She has fun, and that's the whole reason we continue this project."

Many other parents have started dress up projects with their kids in an effort to bond with them, encourage their creativity, and make fond memories. Courts believes this Disney character dress up project helps her and Layla do just that.

You can check out some of Layla's costumes below: 


1. Belle

2. Rapunzel

3. Cinderella

4. Snow White

5. Merida

6. Princess Leia

7. Elsa

8. Ariel


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