7 Ways To Embrace Your Natural Curls This Summer

Frizzy hair, don't care.

Many women — and men — grow up believing that straight hair is more desirable than curly hair, according to modern beauty standards. To achieve this ideal, those with natural curls can spend years heat styling their hair into submission. 

However, as many people grow into themselves and become comfortable in their own skin (and hair), they learn to appreciate and love their "flaws" and, even better, realize they're not flaws at all. Many curly-haired people consider their hair a key component of their character, especially in the summer. 

Even those who regularly heat style their hair often take a long break during the humid summer months. By doing so, they stumble upon an age-old beauty secret: what makes you "you" makes you beautiful. 

If you got it, flaunt it. So if you got curls, try out these seven ways to embrace them this summer: 


1. Redefine your idea of perfection.

Whoever said pin straight hair or artificial ringlets should be everyone's ultimate hair aspirations was seriously disturbed. Natural curls are beautiful because they're unpredictable. Each one has its own character, which means you've got tons of personality on top of your head as well as inside it.

2. Let your freak frizz fly.

Maybe she's born with it; maybe it's the humidity. When it comes to frizz, if you have curly hair — it's probably both. Many women feel self-conscious about their curly hair not because of the texture itself, but because of the frizz that often accompanies it — especially in the humid summer months. 

But what's so wrong with frizz? Nothing, absolutely nothing

While many curl crusaders might have an entire shelf in their bathroom devoted to de-frizzing hair masks, leave-in conditioners, and serums, now's the time to put 'em away and free yo frizz.

3. Compliment others’ curls.

Too many curly-haired people, especially women, grow up only receiving compliments when they straighten or otherwise heat style their hair. Sometimes, it's easier to see the beauty in others before we can find it in ourselves — and sometimes, discovering that beauty in others is exactly what leads us to appreciate it in ourselves. 

4. Choose hairstyles that put your curls front and center.

Instead of strangling your curls in top buns and binding them in braids, let your hair down — literally. While many women opt for updos to beat the summer heat, you can still put your curls on full display with a voluminous, high ponytail or let them cascade down your back in a half-ponytail. 

5. Remember where your curls came from.

Instead of cursing your genes for giving you "difficult" hair, thank them for including you in thousands of years of familial tradition and cultural heritage. Like many inherited physical traits, curls are a sign of something greater than yourself.

By tracing your hair-itage (ah ha ah ha), you may find yourself connecting with an unknown part of your personal history, and appreciating your curls all the more for that. 

6. Go big AND go out.

If the last time you wore your naturally curly hair to a night out was never, it's time to start rethinking your getting ready routine. Regularly heat styling your hair isn't just damaging, but also time consuming. 

And in the overwhelming humidity of the summer, there's no guarantee the style you slaved an hour over a hot flat iron for will stay intact throughout the evening's festivities. 

Natural curls aren't just resilient but also versatile — because nothing goes better with your favorite nighttime outfit than your natural beauty. 

7. Do nothing.

You know what they say: curls just wanna have fun. One of the best ways to embrace the beauty of your curls is to embrace them fully. That means letting them do whatever they want and riding the natural waves. 

So, if you ever doubt your curl power, just shake what your momma (or poppa) gave ya. You woke up like this — and you wouldn't have it any other way. 

Cover image via  Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock


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