7 'Thank You' Messages Bringing Strangers Together To Celebrate Everyday Heroes

"She'll never know how much that meant to me."

One website is making it easier than ever for people all over the world to thank the "everyday heroes" that have had an unexpected, yet significant, impact on their lives. Based in the United Kingdom and created by Sheila Close, Thanks to U highlights the "heartwarming incidents and random acts of kindness" of ordinary people, from helping find lost pets to fixing flat tires to simply paying it forward. 

Users can send a 500-character message to anyone, even if they don't know their name. Every message is posted to the website in chronological order, making it a kind of "missed connections" for random acts of kindness. "...when things are happening all around us, we may be too anxious or stressed to express our thanks clearly. Our own personal hero may walk quietly away," the website writes, explaining its premise. "And ever after we'll wish that we could have thanked them."


Now, anyone and everyone with an internet connection can make a personal connection. Though the subject of a "thank you" message may never read it, someone else will. Not only will it make their day just a little bit better, but it might even encourage them to do a kind act of their own. 

"People carry out random acts of kindness, often without thinking twice, and usually without any idea of the impact they are having on another person's life. It may be a passer-by, colleague,  teacher, bus driver, nurse, friend or a family member," the website adds. "Positive words and thoughtful actions can make someone's day, or even change someone's life." 

These seven messages are just some of the many celebrating the mighty power of small acts of kindness: 


"To Brian the off-duty paramedic who saved my grandson's life. You saved him when he was choking, if you hadn't been sitting at the next table I can't bear to think what would've happened. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for saving our little Charlie." - Annie Campbell in Ikea Gateshead


"Thank you to the woman who brought me fish and chips. I was on the pier hungry and down and she asked me if I was OK. I started bawling my eyes out, I just couldn't help it. She went and got me the fish and chips then sat down and talked. It made me realise some people care. I got sorted out over the next few months and things are much better now. She had dark hair, I think she was called Carol or Karen. and I would love to thank her. She'll never know how much that meant to me." - Marky T in Saltburn


"I went to Japan and didn't know any Japanese and not mapeople speak English. On my way back to Kansai airport i had to take two buses, I had my friend to write down the address to show to the first bus driver so that he could tell me where I needed to get off the bus. Once I got there, the driver probably saw me a bit confused not sure where to go so he decided just to leave the bus there (all other passengers left the bus already) and walked me for few streets to the 2nd bus. Love Japanese!" - Huyen Luu in Osaka, Japan 


"Thank you to you man who watched my mum stand looking at the stepping stones across the river at Lealholme. He asked her if she'd like to cross and she said she'd love to but was a bit nervous. He held her hand and walked backwards, holding on to her. She hadn't crossed the stepping stones since she was 30 years old - and she was 85 the next day. She thought it was the best birthday present. Thank you so much to that kind man." - Jenny Duncan in Lealholme, North Yorkshire


"I popped into the store with my last £5 before payday to pick up a few things for tea - and overspent by 7p. I wouldve put something back - but the kind man behind me gave me 20p so I didnt have to. It may have only been 20p but its not about the amount - it was a kind gesture and I really appreciated it so thankyou to that man x" - Gemma Breakingbury in Asda


"I would like to send my thanks to the very kind man who helped me change my wheel when I had a puncture. I was on my way to meet my friends, got lost in a housing estate somewhere, it was dark, I was freezing cold, and I didn't have a clue what to do when I broke down. This man came out of a house nearby, heard me being very upset on the phone to my mum, and asked if he could help. Then he changed my wheel and his wife brought me out a cup of tea to warm me up. Thank you so much, whoever you are, you were so kind." - Lauren in Durham 


"Thank you to the fantastic human being who found my cat Patti injured in the street, and took her to the PDSA where they did emergency surgery. This saved her life without a doubt. She'd been hit by a car and lost her front leg. It must have been horrendous for the person who found her and picked her up in the street. The PDSA traced me through Patti's electronic chip, but the person who took her in there didn't leave their name. Thank you thank you thank you from me and Patti, you saved her life." - Linzi in Stockton

As these messages show, kindness can come in any shape, style, or form — and from anyone or anywhere. While some of the authors weren't always able to their "everyday hero" in the moment, their kind acts will always be remembered. 

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