7 Signs That You're Really Just Going To Happy Hour For The Food

You’ll go for friends and fun — but mostly for food.

Nothing sums up the perfect equation of friends and festivity quite like the words "happy hour." Add another favorite F-word — food, of course — and there's no turning back.

Just say when and where. And save us a spot.

But let's be honest about something: as much as we can't wait to have feel-good fun with our besties, sometimes, happy hour is purely about the food.

Not that we aren't keen on listening to our compadres talk about their cubicle crush or their plans to climb the corporate ladder, but we've been hankering for some small-bite goodness since the idea was pitched, and it's important that we satisfy that craving quickly… and with a nice libation on the side.

That's not a problem if you own up to it, right? Didn't think so. Just to be sure, here are seven reasons why you're really just going to happy hour for the food.


1. You put happy hour on your calendar.


It's OK that you scheduled happy hour on your smartphone's calendar after getting the invite. It's even more OK that you added multiple notifications to tease remind you throughout the day of the after-work goodness you'll be enjoying. We're not even concerned that you changed your screen image to a picture of pan-seared pot sticker.   

2. You tweeted, Facebooked, and Instagrammed what you were going to order.


"Can't decide" you wonder aloud to your adoring followers, "mozzarella sticks or wings #happyhour #cantwait #nomnom."

3. You’ve been salivating for TGI Fridays Buffalo wings since 11 a.m.

One need not be from Long Island to enjoy a signature iced tea, just like you don't have to be from Buffalo to enjoy sauced-up, breaded chicken. Such succulent, delicious, tender fare likely has you drooling over last night's leftovers during lunch… which just can't compare to tonight's dinner.

4. You leave work early.


It was tough to concentrate during that last meeting of the day and even tougher to imagine that pack of breath mints in your pocket tasting like Sriracha. No wonder you set up an out-of-office message 15 minutes before the clock struck 5.

5. When you arrive, you order food before saying hello to your friends.

Ain't nobody got time for that — talking, that is — because you've absolutely got to get your order in for an appetizer wrapped in bacon. Your friends will still be available for small talk after you've rushed by to speak to the waiter.

6. You kind of ignore your friends after your food arrives.


While conversation starts to revolve around how much your buddies hate their bosses and how none of you will be getting raises this year, your contribution to the conversation is muffled thanks to a mouth stuffed with savory goodness.

7. You fall asleep after indulging a little too much.


Conversation was lighthearted, heartfelt and fun, and the drinks were colorful and plenty. You, however, didn't make it much farther than round 2 thanks to slipping into a food coma. Maybe you had one plate too many of appetizers... but it was sooo worth it.


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