7 Favorite Same-Sex Couples On TV That Can Now Get Married (And Stay Married) In America

Thanks, SCOTUS.

On June 26, 2015, history was made when the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in America. Many shed tears of joy when they heard the news that their gay friends and family members could now get married if they choose to. While the court's decision affects millions of Americans, we also took the liberty to compile all our favorite gay couples on TV who can now marry, too.

Well, many of these super-cute fictional couples did get married on TV. But with the ruling, no matter which state they travel to, their marriage is completely, 100 percent legal. Our real life gay friends and family members across the country now have the right to officiate their relationships, and so do all our favorite gay couples on the small screen. 

In all seriousness, pop culture has played a role in the nation's massive shift on marriage equality. Queer people have long held a presence in TV and, to a degree, portraying gay couples on the telly has helped normalize such relationships. Because really, same-sex couples are ultimately just two people who want to be together, the way that same-sex marriage is simply marriage between two people who love each other. 

So here are seven gay couples who can now get married — and stay that way — in all 50 states in America.


1. 'Glee': Kurt and Blaine

The ever-charming Kurt Hummel finally found love with rival glee club member Blaine Anderson and now their marriage is legal all across the country.

2. 'OITNB': Piper and Alex

If these two ever end up sorting out their complicated relationship by the time they're out of Litchfield, we could see them eloping to Utah or some other place they could start anew.

3. 'Modern Family': Cam and Mitch

These lovebirds totally deserve to have their marriage recognized and retain all the rights to their adopted child Lily no matter where they go.

4. 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': Ray and Kevin

The comedic show touches on sensitive issues with this couple, among them racism and homophobia within the NYPD. But scenes of Kevin and Ray's relationship are some of the most touching moments in the show and now they will no longer experience legally sanctioned discrimination in the rest of the country.

5. 'Shameless': Ian and Mickey

This unconventional couple has gone through so much to be together — including one extremely homophobic father — and we just want to them to be happy.

6. 'Transparent': Maura and Shelly

Even though they didn't stay together, we threw this one in as a bonus because this incredible show is doing so much for trans visibility. "We got gay married before it was fashionable," Shelly joked to her transitioning ex-husband.

7. 'Sesame Street': Bert and Ernie

Then, of course, there's Bert and Ernie, whose quiet relationship The New Yorker made privy to the world in 2013 after the DOMA ruling. Marriage equality is going to be amazing, especially for them.  

[Cover image via JoJo Whilden/Netflix]


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