7 Of The Best Thank Yous To Outgoing Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards

"Thank you for getting up every single day to fight for a world where women's rights truly are human rights."

After 12 years as the head of the Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards stepped down.

The leader and vocal feminist was honored at the organization's annual gala in New York City on Tuesday night where she proudly boasted about the increase in Planned Parenthood supporters during her tenure, which went from 3 million in 2006 to 12 million today.


As she closes the chapter of her life at Planned Parenthood, Richards urged her fellow women to follow in her pursuit of being a visible activist in the fight for women's rights.

"Don't wait for instructions. Don't wait for the perfect opportunity. Most of all, don't wait for somebody to ASK you to do something," she told ABC News.

Over the more than a decade of work at Planned Parenthood, Richards met some incredible people who she left a lasting impression on. As she exits the organization, we highlight some of the best "thank you" tweets Richards received.

1. Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton

2. Sen. Kamala Harris

3. Sen. Elizabeth Warren

4. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

5. Elizabeth Banks

6. Cynthia Nixon

7. Felicity Huffman


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