7 Young Rappers Who Got Famous On YouTube

Keeping hip-hop alive for the future.

Like all music, hip-hop has traditions, rites of passage, and a history of fiery competition.

One of the most obvious ways to see these things in rap is through freestyles, be it a radio cypher, a 20-minute solo run, a few bars on the corner or a legendary rap battle. With the rise of YouTube and websites like World Star Hip Hop, rap fans everywhere have gotten a chance to check out talent young and old, stars present and past, and dissect their game.

Amongst the massive amount of freestyle talent out there are a premium group of young hip-hop artists who have gained Internet fame for some of their amazing performances in battles and on the radio. Here are 7 of the best young freestylers we could dig up online:


1. 17-year-old Young Savage goes in for 20 minutes

2. 11-year-old Swag Kid

3. 14-year-old Young Staff goes after Wolfgang Rukus

4. 14-year-old Chris Miles

5. 10-year-old Cypress, the cypher starter

6. 14-year-old Lil Sexxy vs. 16-year-old Miles Low

7. 16-year-old Carmen Amare

Hit us in the comments with artists you think should be on the list!


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