Don't Be Jelly. This Guy's 7/11 Senior Photos Are Way Better Than Yours.

You, you're good, you. You're good.

Ahh, high school. The awesome years of our youth we will never get back.


When we look back at these treasured years, we'll remember our friends, the teachers that pushed us and our senior photos at 7/11... wait, what?

You heard that right.

One senior named Stefano., yea he has just one name, deal with it, decided to take his most prized photos of his youth at the local 7/11. All the power to him, his photos have an astonishing 30,000 retweets at the moment.

Honestly, we wish we thought of this because it is absolutely brilliant and hilarious. We think it sums up the shenanigans we once pulled in high school pretty well.

Lets take look at these precious photos. 

The honor student who excels at choosing the perfect Slurpee flavor, 60 percent of the time, every time.

That'll be $2.50 and don't forget to donate!

Class of '7/11.

He's going to make an excellent addition to the work force one day.

Well done, Stefano. Well done.

No word if the photographer was paid in Slurpees or microwavable breakfast sandwiches.


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