68-Year-Old Woman Covers Drake On Vine And It's Hilariously Fantastic

You're never too old to be a Drake fan.

Bette Reynolds has got some Drake lines she'd like to spit for you. The 68-year-old Scottish woman creates videos on Vine reciting his lyrics with enthusiasm and bagpipes playing in the background. It's so ridiculous that it's completely wonderful. 

The idea came from her son, Stewart Reynolds, who you may know as Brittlestar on Vine. With more than 897,000 followers on Vine, he's always coming up with new video ideas. 

"I'm always up for having fun and making people laugh, and my son, Brittlestar, has been working on Vine for awhile now. He thought the idea of his Scottish mum reciting rap lyrics would be funny," she told Mashable

He was right. Some of her videos have millions of views. 


Check them out for yourself below:

1. "One Dance"

2. "Started From the Bottom"

3. "Back to Back"

4. "Headlines"

5. "Energy"

6. "Jumpman"

7. "Hotline Bling"

We imagine Drake's reaction would be something like this:


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