Transitioning From Prison Back To Regular Life Is Tough, But This Program Helps These Women Get Into Character

Mistakes don't have to define your life.

When it comes to helping formerly incarcerated women, Judy Dworin doesn't hide them from society — she puts them on center stage.

Dworin is the director of the Judy Dworin Performance Project, a nonprofit arts program that uses theater to help women transition back into everyday life. This performance project is the subject of 60 Second Docs' new video, "Female Ex-Con Theater."

"I've always believed that performance can be a change in our culture because it reaches people's hearts, giving voice to populations who don't have a voice," she said in the video.

In 60 seconds, a few formerly incarcerated women try their hand at performance art by discussing their experiences in jail with unique monologues. One woman discusses what it's like to wear shackles on her feet, while another thinks about the women she left behind in prison. Each of them has a bigger story to tell.

Dworin, like other organizations, hopes her project makes others think twice about the current state of incarceration in America.

"In order to bring hope forward, maybe we need to think differently about incarceration," she said. "We are all human beings, we all make mistakes, and these women can't always be looked upon as their mistake."


Take 60 seconds to watch these women perform below:


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