How This Extreme Couponer Is Using Her Skills To Feed The Hungry

She's well on her way to 30,000 meals.

You might think extreme couponers are only interested in saving themselves money, but Lauren Puryear is here to prove you wrong. 

Puryear is the subject of a new episode in the video series 60 Second Docs, which tells the true stories of inspiring people, "one minute at a time." The Virginia resident uses the food she buys on deep discount to feed the hungry in her community. She told last year that she can feed as many as 150 people for just $20.

Puryear was introduced to couponing by a mother of a child on her son's football team and saw it as an opportunity to give back, a value instilled in her by her late grandmother. "When I saw how much I was able to save from scanning a seemingly simple piece of paper, I knew that I was going to do some great things as a result of using coupons," she told A Plus. 

Still, she says she has faced some judgment for her deal-hunting. "Sometimes I will be in the checkout line and the people behind me will make comments like, 'Why does she need all those items? She is holding up the line! Couponers have OCD.'"


Puryear says she laughs those comments off, but she believes what she's doing can change people's minds. "Unfortunately, many people do not understand homeless and hunger are different. There is a big difference!" she told A Plus. "Every hungry person is not homeless. I try to bring awareness and educate others on hunger in America."

When asked what she would tell people who want to give back but aren't sure where to start, Puryear said, "I would say that you have to trust God and write down your goals and find ways to achieve them one by one."

At the time of the video, Puryear had fed 10,000 meals and hoped to feed 30,000 by her 30th birthday this year. According to the website for the organization For the Love of Others, which she created in memory of her grandmother, she's well on her way to achieving that goal — at nearly 28,000 meals and counting.

"It's our human duty to have some type of love for other people," she says in the video. We'd say she's setting a great example.

Learn more about Lauren Puryear's couponing journey in the video below:


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