This Hilarious 6-Year-Old Got A Note Sent Home From His Teacher, When We Saw Why We Almost Died Laughing

I sense a theme.

A creative six-year-old named Grayson was given a spelling exercise by his teacher. His assignment was to use six different words in a sentence. Grayson chose to write all six of his sentences on the same subject matter—namely: poop. This quickly resulted in a note being sent home from his teacher. 

Read Grayson's hilarious take on his assignment and the teacher's equally amusing note below. The circled words are the ones Grayson was supposed to use in the exercise. And we've included a full transcription of the text beneath the image.


Here's the text of the assignment (the words in caps are the ones that were assigned for the spelling exercise):

1. Poop is IN your butt 
2. WILL the poop come out? 
3. DID the poop come out? 
4. SIT in the toilit 
5. SIX pepel in the toilit 
6. BIG poop is in the toilit

And here's the note Grayson's teacher sent to his parents.

This is what Grayson wrote for the spelling sentences. I had him do them again in his notebook. :)
He told me he wrote these because he was "lacking vitamin D."

Grayson's understanding father, who shared his son's schoolwork with the world on reddit insists that his boy is in fact a diligent student. "The kid spends his chore money on things like visual encyclopedias of human anatomy and chooses science documentaries over cartoons," he commented. "The things he comes up with are constantly surprising me."

When another redditor praised the rhythmic quality of Grayson's lines, his father added:  "It does have a strange and sort of beautiful cadence, doesn't it?" 

We can't help but agree with him.

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Thanks to redditor nerge for the image.


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