Viral Photo Captures 6-Year-Old's Emotional Reaction To Her Parents Getting Married

"It got more emotional towards the vows."

At weddings, it's often the groom's reaction that people — especially the bride — want captured on film. But they are certainly not the only emotional ones on the day. Children are often overcome with emotions and when alert wedding photographers capture the moment, the family is left with a pure, heartfelt photo that showcase the feelings of that special time.

One emotional wedding photo that has recently gone viral features 6-year-old Lexi crying as she sees her parents, Jenni and Timmy Gibson, walking down the aisle.


The photo was taken by Missie LaFrenz of Missie LaFrenz Photography who explained to A Plus via email that the little girl began to cry as soon as she saw her mom walking down the aisle to meet her dad.

And things became more emotional toward the vows. "Jenni wrote a beautiful letter to Timmy and read it aloud," explained Lafrenz. "The picture where Lexi is crying is while her mom is reading her letter to Timmy."

The Iowa photographer realized at the time that it was an important moment to capture. "Brides always want the groom's reaction, and Timmy gave a great reaction, but Lexi was so overcome with emotion," Lafrenz stated. "I knew this was a moment that Jenni and Timmy would appreciate later."

Afterward when Jenni asked Lexi why she was crying, she said, "Because it was all so beautiful."

The feelings of love were evident at the small, intimate wedding, according to Lafrenz. It was officiated by Jenni's brother with close friends and family in attendance.

Those who do not know the couple have likely still been touched by the heartfelt photo after it has gone viral.

For the Gibsons, the wedding and the emotional photos are a culmination of 10 years of history together. According to their Love What Matters post, they met when they were 16 and had their first daughter at 17. Lexi was born shortly afterward because they wanted to have children that were close in age.

They split up briefly but continued to co-parent their daughters. When Jenni was pregnant with a son, Timmy was there for the family, and wanted to "raise him as his own without a second thought." After reconnecting with the birth of the boy, Timmy eventually asked Jenni to marry him.

After being involved with the wedding preparations, it finally came time for Lexi to see her parents get married. Jenni reveals she could tell Lexi was crying during the ceremony, but wasn't sure why. When she heard the reason, she revealed that it made her see how important the moment was for the entire family.

"That pure emotion on Lexi's face is proof how important it was to her for her mommy and daddy to finally get married after all these years," she wrote. "This was something well worth waiting for because I couldn't imagine my wedding day without my children to share it with."

(H/T: Yahoo)


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