6 Secrets To Balancing Friendships And Relationships So You Never Have To Choose

The balance between friendships and relationships can be a beautiful thing. Here's a list of tips that aids in that balance.

Friendships are extremely important to our physical and emotional well being. It may seem like an easy task to keep friendships alive when you enter into a new relationship, but it is definitely harder than it appears. There are specific steps that can be taken to ensure that a new relationship does not completely dominate the space that your friends once occupied. 

Friendship is beautiful and needs to be taken just as seriously as a budding love. 


1. Talk to your friends about your new relationship.

The most important part of any relationship is communication. Talk with your friends about your new babe. Tell them about how nice he or she is and how good they make you feel. If you have true friends, they will support you in your quest for love.

2. Talk to your significant other.

You may think that talking to your friends about your relationship will be enough, but that's not entirely true. In order to balance the relationships in your life, everyone has to be on the same page. Talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend about the relationships you have with your friends. Give your S.O. a schedule of possible days during the week that you two can spend together. Then explain to them that the other days are for friend dates. As long as there is an open line of communication, everything should be wonderful.

3. Make a sincere effort to hang with your friends.

Make sure you actually plan to hang out with your friends. Do fun things with them to show that you still care about what's going on in their lives! Go bowling, have weekly coffee nights, go to the movies, and just have fun. When your friends love you, they're going to try their best to accept who you're dating. Just make sure you still make an effort to be a part of their lives.

4. Be present while hanging with your friends.

In our age of social media, it can feel like our friends are not always mentally present while we're hanging with them. People seem to be constantly checking Twitter, Instagramming their meals, or responding to the latest text in the group chat. Be sure to put down the phone and pay attention to your friends when you're out with them. Your partner should understand that unless it's an emergency they do not need to be in constant contact with you while you're hanging with friends. If they do feel the need to be in constant contact, well, that's another topic for another day.

5. Introduce your new love to your pals.

Take your new fling to meet your friends! Best case scenario would be that your friends like him or her and want to include them in future hangouts. This can be awkward at first, but just try to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. Awkward situations only arise from awkward attitudes. You never know, your friends could even start to consider your new beau as one of their friends.

6. Don't give up.

Friendships are not something that you should easily give up on. In your 20s and even 30s, relationships may come and go, but friendships should last. Friends are going to be the ones to pull you out of the slumps after that horrible break-up. They're also going to be the ones cheering you on when you marry the person of your dreams. Unless they give you more pain than joy, don't ever give up on friendships.


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