6 Ways Reading Actually Makes You Happier

For all the bookworms out there.


It's easy to pick up our phones or turn on our televisions when we need a good source of entertainment, but — in our opinion — getting lost in a book is equally is good, too.

In fact, The New Yorker's rounded up six ways that reading actually makes us better and happier, inside and out. For example, reading can be much like meditation.

"Studies have shown that, when a person is reading, the brain experiences the same serenity caused by meditation," the publication reports. It also adds that reading can help reduce stress, and a study showed that those who read after building anxiety saw their stress go down by 67 percent. 

So whether you're making your way through the Harry Potter series, perusing a classic, joining in on our A Plus Book Club (hint hint), or whatever your interests may be, try reaching for a book from time to time — you'll be happy you did.

Check out all the benefits of reading below as well as in the full video above.

1. Reading is like meditation.

2. Reading broadens your perspective.

3. Reading reduces stress.

4. Reading can lessen mental decline.

5. Reading science fiction helps us deal with change.

6. Reading helps us sleep.

Cover image via Shutterstock / Mladen Mitrinovic


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