This 6-Month-Old Girl Can't Walk Yet, But She Can Water Ski

The world of extreme sports just got cuter.

Many parents get excited when their child says her first word or takes her first steps. One set of parents, Keith and Lauren St. Onge, however, had a more adventurous milestone in mind for their daughter Zyla. 


At just 6 months old, she did something many adults haven't — she water skied.

Though too young to walk, Zyla wasn't too young to partake in some extreme (and in her case, extremely cute) sports.

Standing on "junior-size" water skis, she skimmed 686 feet across Lake Silver in Winter Haven, Fla. Unlike normal water skis, Zyla's pair were attached to each other by wood and equipped with a front handle bar, according to the Associated Press. The 30-inch-tall daredevil held on to the bar for balance as she zipped across the water and possibly into history as the youngest person ever to water ski.

Of course, lots of adults were right near by the whole time to make sure the little girl was safe while skiing.

The St. Onges told the news agency that Zyla had set a youth record, but USA Water Ski spokesman Scott Atkinson has yet to confirm this. 

Watch the full video of her aquatic adventure below:


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