The Best Games For Kids When You Want To Keep Them Occupied

That also won't rot their brains.

Although many squirm at the sight of kids growing up already glued to smartphones, tablets, laptops and the like, it's a bit of an exaggeration to say that technology is ruining the way upcoming generations interact with each other in person. To throw your hat on that side of the argument would be to pretty much completely ignore the benefits of something like an iPad to a kid whose cognitive and motor skills are in crucial phases of development.

The reality is there are plenty of games and tools on a smart device that can help kids develop in a positive way. And as a huge chunk of current parents of young children would likely attest, it's pretty nice having something as dynamic as a tablet to keep your kids engaged when you really need time to yourself to be productive or even just relax.

Although many games on iPads or other tablets may seem colorful on the surface but largely pointless, they can actually build valuable skills such as hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and basic math and reading comprehension. Don't judge an app by its cover when searching for something to keep your kid occupied.

Here are 6 valuable iPad games for kids when you want to keep them occupied and learn something at the same time:


1. Candy Crush

Colorful and exciting on a surface level for younger kids, Candy Crush also calls for a fair amount of critical thinking and puzzle-solving that older kids will love.

2. Fruit Ninja

Simple but rewarding. Slice as much fruit as you can in a limited time without hitting the bombs. Sounds almost ridiculous, but it teaches kids restraint — don't go in all at once, because you have to be aware of the small parts that could blow it all up. Life lesson? You bet.

3. Cut the Rope

Use the ropes to move a piece of candy across the screen and fall into Om Nom's mouth. There's a lot of tricky physics and timing at play here, which gets harder and harder as the levels get higher.

4. Slice Fractions

Slice objects into pieces to solve puzzles — education shrouded behind a colorful game at its best. Teach your kids simple fractions while they have fun.

5. Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad isn't fully a game, but it's an app that allows kids to be their most creative. Crayons, colors, an open canvas and none of the mess associated with those things in the real world. Let them fly.

6. The Game of Life

What better lesson to teach kids early on than The Game of Life? It's the classic board game with all the pieces always in tact, since there's no way to physically lose them.


Cover image via Solis Images / Shutterstock.


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