6 Valuable Work Lessons That'll Make You Laugh For The Rest Of The Day

Take notes.

Climbing your way to the top in the corporate world can be a slog. You have to pay your dues, work long hours, earn the respect of your peers and superiors, and eventually you end up with a job at the top you may or may not like. Capitalism rocks.

A bit of a grim take on the realities of building a career, to be sure. To make light of the whole situation, let's learn some helpful tips for the workplace. Hrtwarming put together a list of six raunchy and/or funny scenarios that teach shockingly valuable lessons. Laugh, but also take them to heart.


1. The Towel Reveal

2. What A Nun Wants

3. Make the Right Wish

4. Careful Where You Sit

5. Don't B.S. Your Way Up

6. Speaking Of Sh*t ...


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