6 Brothers, Aged 2 to 13, Meet Their First Sister And Their Reactions Are Precious

Cuteness overload.

You might remember this video from earlier this year.


Capturing the moment when Cher Lairs — a mother of six boys — finds out that she and her husband are finally expecting a girl, it got more than 8 million views on YouTube alone.

Well, fast-forward a couple of months — little Ruby Jane has arrived. After 13 years of a boys-only spell, welcoming a girl is a big deal for everyone in the Lairs family, obvi.

The video below captures the Lairs boys, aged 2 to 13, meeting their first sister. If we had to give an award for the cutest video of the year, we wouldn't look no further than this. 

Scroll down to see for yourself.

Jackson: "I've never grown up with a girl before, so it's a new experience for me."

Campbell: "I'm definitely gonna be a protector. Like, when she gets old enough and she has a boyfriend and she brings him home ..."

Sawyer: "If I lost her, I would join a police force."

Houston: "I'm worried about the pink."

Shepherd: "She is cuter than I thought she would be."

Knox: "Meow, pfhase."

Watch the entire video below. We're literally melting here.



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