5 So-Called Bad Habits That Actually Aren't

Your personality traits aren't as horrible as you think!

Being a foul-mouthed, sarcastic, lazy individual looks pretty bad on paper, but it might be better than it sounds. Various studies have shown that these so-called less-than-desirable qualities actually have benefits over those who are better behaved.

Here are five seemingly awful qualities that aren't as bad as you might have thought.


1. Using profanity

If people are constantly giving you side-eye because you have no filter, regardless if you're around babies or old ladies, there's some good news. Swearing actually helps people deal with their emotions and causes significant stress reduction. Also, people who speak like drunken sailors are also more trustworthy than those who would rather say "fiddlesticks" and "heck."

F*ck yeah!

2. Being lazy

Somedays, no matter how hard you try, it's really hard to get motivated and stay on task. For others, being lazy is more of a lifestyle. While being lazy is hardly ever used as a compliment, these people rule at efficiency. Even the most complicated process can be streamlined when placed in the hands of someone who really, really isn't into working any harder than they have to.

3. Using sarcasm

Though it isn't an art form appreciated by all, those who use sarcasm as a primary method of communication have heightened creativity and brains that are organized slightly differently than those who do not. A study also found that it reveals a sense of trust in another person. 

Need a litmus test for whether or not someone is fluent in sarcasm? Share The Onion's infamous article about Planned Parenthood's Abortionplex and let the good times roll.

4. Procrastinating

While it seems like it would be better to just do a job as soon as possible and get it over with, it turns out that there's nothing wrong with putting it off for a while. Not only does it give you time to do the things you actually want to do (like binge-watching The Office or reorganizing a drawer), but it also gives an energy boost when it's coming down to the wire and it helps manage unrealistic expectations as well.

5. Fidgeting

While it may drive your coworkers crazy, fidgeting is actually pretty good at boosting metabolism and also packs some cardiovascular benefits. Fidgeting is extremely relaxing for those with ADHD who feel like they're going stark raving mad from having to sit still for any length of time.

Also, sitting still for too long has some devastating effects, so feel free to squirm!


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