6 Drake Acoustic Covers That Will Make You Want To Do Your Own

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Drake inspires us all on a daily basis.


Between his unmatched hustle, his talent for dropping hit records at a moments notice, and his ability to rap, sing and change up his game to stay on top, we can all find something in the Toronto superstar to inspire us.

These six singers are no different, as they take some of Drake's more popular tracks and add their own unique spin to them.

Whether it's a rap anthem like "I'm One" or a more sullen track like "Hold On, We're Going Home," these talented vocalists find that rare connection between what makes them unique and what made the original track so special to begin with.

After some rummaging through the wild west landscape otherwise known as the Internet, here are six of our favorite acoustic and acapella covers of Drizzy Drake Rodgers. 

Check em' out below. And if you find yourself bobbin' your head, show em' some love and like their video!

The first cover is "Jungle" by Helena Schaefer. She takes the final track on "If You're Reading This Too Late" and adds her own indie, coffee shop feel to the song. It is seriously incredible and heartwarming.

The next cover you might have seen a little while back. Pia Mia was at dinner with Drake, Kanye and the Kardashian clan and dropped this beautiful rendition of "Hold On." Whether you have seen it before or not, enjoy it below.

The next cover is an acoustic version of Drake's swavey "Energy" track. This one is by Danelle, who has a done a number of Drake covers. Check it out!

The next cover is by a YouTuber that simply goes by the name of Lorjification. Honestly, the name isn't as important as that voice coming out of her. This one is an acapella version of "I'm On One" and she leaves it all out there.

The fifth song on this countdown of no particular order is from Drew Tabor, who drops a soft acoustic medley of Drake's Toronto anthem "Know Yourself." This adds a whole new spin to the track.

The last one up is by model and singer Niykee Heaton, who you can normally find burning up a number of blogs and magazine covers. In this video though, she keeps our attention with that incredible voice of hers on the infamous track, "The Motto."

If you liked those, we also picked out a few bonus Drake covers to check out. Grab a glass of something nice and watch below.

Lets get a round of applause for our future superstars!


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