Thinking About Getting Married? Make Sure You Have These Things In Common First.

Not your everyday compatibility test.

Choosing to get married is a big decision and there are many things that need to be taken into account before making the big leap. Of course, couples need to make sure that their finances are in order and they generally agree on major life decisions (such as where to live or whether or not to have children), but there are other personality aspects that need to be aligned as well.

Certain situations can reveal hidden aspects of a person's personality, for better or for worse. Unfortunately, some of these never come up until after a couple is married and it is too late to do anything about it. 

Dating couples everywhere should do these six things together at least once, because there is a lot they can reveal.


1. Go on a road trip.

There are a lot of things you can learn about someone on a road trip. Not only do you learn about their general driving ability and navigation skills, but you also learn a lot about how they handle stress. Do they tend to havg road rage or do they just crank up the radio and shake off the fact that there's an endless amount of construction? It's an important distinction.

2. Assemble something.

Learning how someone approaches assembling something can reveal quite a bit. Do they read directions? How's the attention to detail? Over the course of a lifetime, things are going to break and need to be fixed. Understanding a partner's level of handiness is good to determine ahead of time.

3. Attend a sporting event.

Even if a couple doesn't particularly like sports, they need to watch a game anyway, because there's a chance their future children may play. There are sports fans who are content to sit and watch quietly, while others are more vivacious and animated. Also, watching someone react to their team losing can be very educational as well.

4. Paint a room.

In the same vein as assembling an item, painting a room can reveal how two people value attention to detail. People can have vastly different ideas on the "correct" technique for painting and it's important to find out their views on taste in décor as well as how well they clean up after a job.

5. Play a board game.

The point of playing a game is to win, but how someone wins (or loses) is awfully revealing. Are they a good sport or overly competitive to the point where the game isn't fun? It's important to know.

6. Exercise.

Physical activity is a major factor of healthy living and it plays an increasingly important role in a person's life as time goes on. It's OK not to enjoy the same type of exercise, but a couple should typically be on the same page with how much exercising they do.


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