570-Pound Man Successfully Completes 5K, Shuts Haters Down

Way to go, Mitchell!

Derek Mitchell is on a mission.

Weighing in at 570 pounds, he successfully ran the Kansas City Big 12 5K, reached the finish line and plans to run more for the rest of the year. The 35-year-old was diagnosed with prolactinoma, or a condition where a tumor grows on the pituitary gland, which caused his unusual weight gain. Though the disease side effects were out of his control, NBC2 reports that Mitchell wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. 

He started with walks around the neighborhood and has since moved on to participating in races.

He completed last week's 5K in an hour and a halfAccording to Runner's World, he didn't care how long it took, he just wanted to get to the finish line.

"As soon as I saw that finish line and heard everybody yelling, all the pain that I'd been feeling up until that point vanished," Mitchell told Runner's World. "I booked it. I couldn't go as fast as I'd wanted to because I'd already lost some weight and my pants started falling down. But it was just amazing." 

His Facebook fan page, aptly called "The Derek Mitchell Story," explains that he plans on running a 5K every month for the rest of 2015.

He also shares his fitness regimes there, like his walking route below, to keep his supporters up to date.

"Originally, I started this for myself because I needed to get healthy," Mitchell said. "But it's amazing the way you can inspire people to get up and get moving just by doing something simple like finishing a 5K."  


"If I can walk a 5K, anyone can, and I'm living proof of that now," he told Fox4KC.

Watch Mitchell cross the finish line below:


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