A 64-Year-Old And A 7-Year-Old Ask Each Other Questions About Life And Their Words Are Pretty Beautiful

"Keep those friends going. And keep life going."

What happens when two people, 57 years apart, ask each other the same questions? What sort of advice could a 7-year-old have for a 64-year-old? 

In a video by Facts., a young boy and an older man sit across from each other, against a bare white wall. Then, they proceed to ask each other the same questions about life and growing up. 

An incredible conversation ensues.


"Do you wish you were young?" the boy asks the man.

"Well the great thing about being young is you have more time — you have more time to do things," the 64-year-old responds. "I could play games, which I did. I used to play cowboys and Indians...I could use my imagination more."

The 7-year-old finds this sad, to which the older man responds: "Well, I could be an older cowboy."

"Will you fall in love and what will it be like?" the man asks the boy.

"I don't know. We'll have babies. It'll be fun. Even though I'll have to change his diaper. It'll be fun," the boy responds.

And, of course, if his future baby cries, the boy will just sing Ed Sheeran to him. 

When the boy presses the older man about his love life, the man explains that he, indeed, found love once. Unfortunately, sickness took her away. 

But there's a lesson in that.

"These things happen. That's life. But I have very good memories," the 64-year-old says, reassuring the boy and telling him not to be sad. "You can remember all of the good things, and that's the important thing."

And when it comes to life advice, they have some words of wisdom for each other.

"Act normal. Don't be silly. Don't bully lots of people," the boy says.

Then, in an emotional ending, the older man tells the boy just how to look at life going forward:

"You don't have to be rich to be happy. Do the things you like doing that make you feel good. Because when you're happy yourself, everybody else is happy."

"Be yourself. Don't let other people tell you what you should be. Just be as you are...You have all the right things to do. All of your good friends. Keep those friends going. And keep life going," he adds, shaking the boy's hand.

With that, the little boy stands up from his chair and gives the 64-year-old a hug.

Be sure to watch the full video below:

(H/T: The Huffington Post)


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