51 Times The Internet Showed What Winning Really Is

You've gotta see these.

The internet is full of "fail" videos, gifs, and pictures, each loaded with enough schadenfreudeto delight even the most jaded misanthrope. Fail vids can be entertaining, sure, but the amusement derived from them is short-lasting. There's nothing very interesting about failure. Far more interesting is watching people with incredible skill sets and talents do what they do best, whether it's in sports, art, or any other endeavor where they make the most difficult things look easy. Imgur user DerpTaTittilyTum assembled a massive collection of these wins and we're happy to present 51 of the very best.



1. We didn't even notice the bottle until he kicked it off.

2. Chair ya go.

3. Taking the gold in the hipster olympics.

4. Roll with it.

5. Spending the rest of the day practicing this.

6. High five.

7. Meet your second career.

8. Fearless.

9. Effortless.

10. Incredible.

11. Don't skip this one.

12. About to be picked first for every team for the rest of his life.

13. Who was he talking to?!

14. Greatest game of chicken EVER.

15. Pure grace.

16. But did he just wait all day for the right truck?

17. Nice shot. I mean, shots.

18. Try not to stair.

19. Can't even begin to understand this.

20. Superhero mode.

21. Hypnotic.

22. TRUST.

23. Ring the bell, this kid just got schooled.

24. How I spent my summer vacation.

25. Who dares, wins.

26. Ballers.

27. Would love to see the video outtakes.

28. Magnetic personality?

29. Sorry not sorry.

30. Toolbox full of swag.

31. Well... it's not a common talent, we'll give him that.

32. Was hoping she'd drink it somehow.

33. An OWNED classic.

34. Sweet dreams.

35. Amazing.

36. Casual.

37. K-9 unit playing catch.

38. Batman.

39. Defense can't even.

40. SAVED.

41. Sorry, cowboy.

42. Taking people's lunch money with Jenga.

43. We guess this is useful.

44. Oh, SNAP!

45. Throwing some heat.

46. Had to watch this one 9 times.

47. Wake up call.

48. Trigger discipline.

49. OK, we're impressed.

50. Skeet game on fleek.

51. Can't dodge a Dodger.

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