Husband Surprises Wife On Her Last Day Of Chemo With 500 Roses

What the couple did afterward is pure kindness.


Oakland, Nebraska's Brad Bousquet surprised his wife Alissa on her last day of chemotherapy by teaming with family and friends to surprise her with 500 roses.

The best part? The money spent on the roses went to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to benefit breast cancer research.

In a description on a video posted to YouTube capturing the moment, Bousquet talked about his motivation.

"I wanted to do something special during this last treatment to celebrate the end of her chemo and to show her the tremendous love and support she has from her friends and family," he wrote. "I also wanted to honor her fight against cancer by providing a donation in her name towards breast cancer research."

The operation took planning and the enlistment of loved ones to launch.

"I secretly sent a text to several of Alissa's friends and family," Bousquet described. "I asked them to help me surprise her by showering her in roses during her last treatment. I arranged for our local flower shop to take the orders. Each rose was purchased for $10.00 with all of the proceeds being donated to Susan G. Komen towards breast cancer research. I was amazed when the orders started rolling in! We quickly reached 100 roses, then 300 roses, then 400. When we reached 500 roses I told the flower shop to stop ordering roses and let all the remaining orders go entirely to the Susan G. Komen donation."

Bousquet raised $4,500 with the help of over 170 families... But what they did afterwards was beautiful.

The Bousquets decided to share the roses with others still hospitalized.

"After presenting the rose baskets to my wife we shared them with the other cancer patients receiving treatment today as a gift from our family. The joy of sharing these roses with the other cancer patients was one of my favorite parts."

Watch Alissa Bousquet's reaction as she's showered with love and roses in the video below.

(H/T FOX59)


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