YouTube Star Lilly Singh Walks Us Through 50 Years Of Internet Firsts

From the first email to the first YouTube comment.

Have you ever wondered who sent the Internet's first email? And what the first emoji was, well before the pizza and the pretty pink bow?

These questions and many others are addressed in a new video forVanity Fair entitled "50 Years of Internet History with Lilly Singh," (Singh, as in YouTube sensation IISuperwomanII). 

So rather than peruse the Internet without knowing its history any longer, we've rounded up some of our favorite fun facts from the video:


1982: Scott Fahlman created the first emoticon :-)

1990: Archie, the first search engine, is created.

1995: The broken laser pointer becomes the first item to be sold on eBay.

1998: "Gerhard Casper" is the first Google search — ever.

2004: The first photo is posted to Facebook.

For more interesting Internet facts, be sure to check out the full video below:


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