They Asked 50 People 1 Question... And You'll Be Daydreaming After You Hear Their Answers

What would your answer be?

The Fifty People, One Question project started in New Orleans in 2008 when filmmakers Benjamin Reece and Tung Bach Ly asked 50 people the same question — "By the end of today, what would you wish to happen?" — and filmed their answers. The result was an unexpected hit, so they went on to gather answers to similarly thought-provoking questions in New York and London. 

Their website explains their experiment simply and eloquently as "exploring human connections through people and place." 


Nowhere is that exploration more evident — or more touching — than in this video they shot in Brooklyn.

The collected responses offer glimpses into the lives of people you might otherwise ignore if you saw them passing by, people you might make assumptions about if you saw them on the street.

Their answers reveal loneliness, homesickness, whimsy, and human vulnerability.

Although the filmmakers seem to have stopped making videos, the spirit of their project has been carried on by others all over the world. 

For more from Fifty People, One Question, check out the project's YouTube channel.

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