People Had Questions About Some Of 50 Cent's Biggest Hits. He Had Some Funny Answers.

Party in da YouTube video.

We like to think we know everything about our favorite celebs — that is, until we see them answer the web's most-asked questions about themselves. Curtis James Jackson III, aka 50 Cent, is the latest to have taken part in Wired's hilariously captivating video series and, though we've known this rapper since "In da Club" dropped in 2003, we learned so much.


The 42-year-old mogul — who co-created Power but, much to the surprise of some on Google, was *not* in Moonlight — was faced with question after question, though two were quite similar in nature. One asked if 50 Cent was a nice guy and the other asked what 50 Cent was like in real life. The response? Basically that he's a good guy and he is deserving of our love.

Folks had lots of biographical questions, with some pertaining to when and where he was born (born and raised in Southside Jamaica in the borough of Queens in New York City), where he got the nickname 50 Cent ("off the street"), what education he has (didn't go to college because he was "too busy" and got his high school G.E.D. after "momentarily" dropping out), if he used to box (yes, though he never KO'd Floyd Mayweather Jr.), if he's left-handed (yes), and is he really dead (well … no).

People were also inquisitive enough to ask questions inspired by some of his biggest hits. One question asked if he is a pimp — likely inspired by his song "P.I.M.P." He replied: "Last time I checked, I was a full-blown pimp. But, you know, I'm reformed. I'm recovering." There was also one about whether he asks 21 questions — i.e. inspired by the tune "21 Questions" — and what "Candy Shop" — another one of his bangers — was all about. "See, this is where you try to get me to talk dirty — but I'm not going to do it. 'Candy Shop' is about enjoying the fruits of nature."

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the Den of Thieves star, so sit back and hit play.

Watch 50 Cent answer the web’s most-searched questions here:


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