People Give Their Opinions About 50 Cent Without Knowing He's Standing Right Behind Them

"Who is this?"

Every night, people walk down Hollywood Boulevard right near the Jimmy Kimmel Live! studio. "And these people tend to have opinions, sometimes strong opinions, so we decided to have some fun with that tonight," Kimmel says on his show.

So the show decided to head out to the street and ask people what they thought about 50 Cent. Little did they know, but the rapper was standing right behind them. 


When the interviewer poses the idea that 50 Cent's best days in the music business are behind him and that he's "pretty washed out," one woman says she agrees. While explaining her opinion, she notices someone is standing awfully close behind. 

"Who is this?" she asks, finally realizing what's happening, and giving 50 Cent a hug, proving he — just like some of Kimmel's other guests — are good sports when it comes to handling criticism.

You can watch all the hilariousness unfold below:


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