50 Cent Reads Comments On His "Candy Shop" Music Video And His Reaction Kills

"White people are everywhere."

It's hard to believe "Candy Shop" is a decade old, but that's the reality we live in. Although the song holds up well to this day, its music video doesn't quite reach that same status. 50 wears all kinds of ridiculous outfits in the video, there's some dinky CGI work and, well, it generally just looks like the mid-'00s. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Unless you're a YouTube commenter, apparently.

In an exclusive video with Noisey, 50 Cent rewinds 10 years to read out some of the comments that still pop up on "Candy Shop" (which has more than 172 million views) and offers his responses.


The first comment is tame enough. 50 likes tame.

"That one doesn't require comments," he laughs.

Then things get real. And personal.

When race comes into play, the man has an answer ready.

"Everywhere in the world," he continues. "Every movie, everywhere. Look, every now and then, you can watch a music video that doesn't have any white person [sic] in it, OK?"

One comment cuts right to the premise of the whole song.

Well said, man. Well said. Check out the full ridiculous video below:

Cover image: 50CentVEVO via YouTube


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