50 Cent Breaks Down The Secrets To His Success

A wise man.

50 Cent is more than just a rapper.

Although the Grammy Award winner has sold more than 30 million albums, he's also evolved into an actor, producer and entrepreneur. He's had his hand in everything from Vitaminwater and smart technology to underwear deals. 

"If you saw where I come from to where I'm at now, you wouldn't believe how many changes I've been through," 50 Cent told Entrepreneur magazine. 

In the interview below, 50 describes how business interviews pale in comparison to the threats he is used to facing, and why you can't simply judge a person's intelligence by a college education. 

"There's some people out there that gauge a person's level of intelligence on whether they have a bachelors or masters or associates degree," he said. "It doesn't teach you instincts at all, it doesn't teach you anything so that you would be able to say a 'gut feeling' or whatever it is, they have the information but they don't live the information."


Check out the interview below:


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