This 5-Year-Old Feminist Has An Adorably Empowering Message For Everyone

She proves you're never too young to advocate for equal rights.


You're never too young to advocate for equal rights, as 5-year-old Eva recently proved in an adorably empowering video for England's Channel 4 show, The Secret Lives of 5 Year Olds

Eva began her video interview with some pretty powerful ideas on "what's important for girls when they grow up." In a word: "Work." In a few more: "Vote, definitely." 

The fun-sized feminist went on to teach a 5-year-old boy, Jude, some karate moves to "shake up" his preconceived notions of what girls are supposed to do and what they can actually do. Of course, Eva was more than ready to give him — and the video's more than 9 million viewers — a crash course in gender equality. "Boys aren't better than girls," she said. "They're exactly the same."  

Jude wasn't so sure, saying that girls couldn't be scientists because "they make silly potions." Solidifying her status as the coolest 5-year-old ever, Eva responded, "I extracted the DNA from a banana once." (Anyone, regardless of gender, interested in banana DNA extraction can learn about the finer points of that process here.) 

If there's one thing Eva's good at, it's subverting others' expectations — including little Jude's. By the end of their karate lesson, he said, "She was very tough and very strong. Like the Hulk." 

Clearly, feminists come in all shapes and sizes, including incredibly cute ones. 

(H/T: Mashable


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