5-Year-Old With Cancer Lives Out Dream Job As A Police Officer


In video footage from inside the Pittsfield Police Department (PPD), Chief Michael Wynn swears in 5-year-old Officer Shavez Forte — fulfilling the young boy's dream to become a police officer. 

Forte, who's battling stage four cancer, reported to the station for his first day on the job. It would include catching bad guys, riding in a police car, and sporting a mini police uniform.

"People in uniform are their heroes," Officer Darren Derby told TWC News in a video interview. "That's what they see on TV. They want to be a fireman. They want to be a police officer and catch bad guys. And he got that opportunity today."


Separate video footage also shows Officer Forte helping Officer Derby catch an assault suspect and announcing his arrival at the PPD from inside the cop car.

"My whole goal in wearing this uniform is to help those in need. And that's ultimately what we're here for. [It's] taken over me emotionally. I'm almost at a loss for words sometimes when I'm with him," Derby tells TWC News.

"I've got a friend for life, and he does as well," he adds.

Be sure to watch the full report below:


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