No Junk Food Here: This Kid Is Insanely Fit

This YouTube channel is creating controversy.

This video, posted by Giuliano Stroe on YouTube, shows 5-year-old Claudio Stroe doing some pretty amazing push-ups.

90º push-ups, to be exact.

Stroe's YouTube channel is filled with videos of Claudio and Giuliano, both trained in gymnastics. They've gotten quite a few comments from people decrying these kids' training as everything from child abuse to parents living vicariously. What do you think? These kids seem to like doing what they do. Is this child abuse? 

Before you answer that, think about people who feed their kids nothing but junk food. Is that child abuse?

According to the CDC, childhood obesity in America has more than doubled in the last thirty years. 

Any way you look at it, Claudio and Giuliano are amazing athletes.

Now, before you think about turning the comments section into a flame war between armchair athletes and trolls about this kid's age, gymnastic training, or bodyweight, like you did with this video, we want you to do one thing:

Get down on your floor and do 100 push-ups. If you still feel entitled to another 100. Repeat as needed. 

For more fantastic gymnastics, check out Giuliano Stroe on Facebook.

Everyone else, please share this amazing video with your friends.


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