This Is The World's Most Expensive Toothbrush And Its Price Will Knock You Out

How much?!

We all know dental hygiene is important. Your smile is one of the first things people notice so we better care for it. But 5,000 dollars for a toothbrush?! 

People at the German company Reinast have created one of the world's most luxurious dental care items. Made from titanium, this toothbrush features an antibacterial coating and replaceable bristle heads. 

Un-be-lievable, right? Watch this video to see it in action.


According to Reinast, the strong titanium corpus guarantees this toothbrush lasts for life. The company also obliges to provide their clients with a lifetime supply of replaceable bristle heads at no charge.

Is it worth it? You decide. In the meantime, check out more deluxe stuff over here: Here's What Living In A $95-Million Penthouse Looks Like.

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