5 Of Jon Stewart's Best 'Enemies' That Would Make 'The Daily Show' Finale Perfect

This would make him leaving TV *almost* worth it.

On August 6, we bid farewell to one of the most engaging comedy personalities ever seen on television. For 17 years, Jon Stewart's propensity for delivering scathingly honest takes on current issues has contributed to the younger generation's awakening of social and political awareness. It has also managed to gleefully stir the anger of both liberal and conservative figures. If reports are true of Jon Stewart's enemies congregating at "The Daily Show" finale to roast him, it would probably go down in history as the most incredible finale on a talk show, ever.

Sure, it doesn't take away the pain of him leaving "The Daily Show" forever, but it sure comes close. Page Six of The New York Post reported that the popular show's producers have been reaching out to some of his famous foes to appear on a segment in his last episode. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance from them to "basically tell Jon to f*ck off," according to Page Six's unnamed source. In all honesty, that sounds like an all-round-win solution for his producers, his audience, his famous detractors and Stewart himself — because there's no one out there who relishes a hearty verbal brawl quite like he does. 

Though the information hasn't been corroborated with any of the parties involved yet, we jumped on the opportunity to rehash some of his most delightful ribbings, and speculate on what would happen in the  finale should these famously indignant guests make an appearance. 


1. Bill O'Reilly.

With beef that stretches back years, Stewart and O'Reilly are the perfect frenemies. Polar opposites, they've both been guests on each other's shows and even set up a mock political debate. If O'Reilly makes an appearance on Stewart's very last episode, rest assured that it will, as always, be highly entertaining.

2. Jim Cramer.

Stewart's running feud with CNBC over its coverage of the economy meltdown culminated in the network's "Mad Money" host, Jim Cramer, going on his show. Stewart putting Cramer on the spot is one of the examples of why we love him so much.

3. Sarah Palin.

The former vice presidential candidate who brought down John McCain's White House dreams has been the target of Stewart's scathing scrutiny before. And judging by the incoherent ramblings she sometimes devolves into, it's safe to say that her appearance would not disappoint on "The Daily Show" finale. 

4. Glenn Beck.

Instead of his usual routine, Stewart shook it up in an epic takedown of conservative radio host Glenn Beck and his infamously conspiratorial Fox News show. To our utter fascination, Stewart launched into a Beck impersonation that lasted more than half the episode that night.

5. Donald Trump.

Based on Stewart's amusement with Trump's presidential bid, if this volatile real estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate agrees to go on as a guest, it would be the pièce de résistance of the "The Daily Show" finale.

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