5 Acts Of Kindness You Can Do First Thing In The Morning To Brighten Someone Else's Day, And Your Own

You'll get more good done before 9 a.m. than some people do all day.

When you wake up in the morning, you set your intention for the day. Usually, it's to do a good job at work or spend time with your family, but what if you set your intention to perform an act of kindness?  Doing this simple thing is a real way to show someone, even a stranger, you care — and you can do it every day. 

But why stop with just one act of kindness? Here are five you can do first thing in the morning to ensure you get more good done before 9 a.m. than some people do all day: 


1. Pay it forward at your local coffee shop.

When everyone's rushing to work in the morning, it's easy to get frustrated waiting in a long coffee line. Make your ordering time more productive and a stranger's morning a little better by purchasing a latte or orange juice for someone else in line. Not only will your gesture have an unexpected impact on them, but it could even set off a chain reaction of generosity that'll make everyone's day just a bit brighter. 

2. Send a "Good morning!" message to a loved one.

According to a study from IDC Research, 80 percent of smartphone users check their devices within 15 minutes of waking up every morning. Wouldn't it be great if the first thing someone saw was a heartfelt message from a loved one encouraging them to make the most of your day? Well, with a few taps of your fingers, you can make that happen. Even this small, quick gesture shows you're thinking about the other person and appreciate them. That's sure to brighten their morning and benefit your overall relationship.

3. Let someone go in front of you on your morning commute.

Whether you're driving or taking public transportation, chances are you encounter tons of other people hustling and bustling to work just as quickly as you are. Instead of cutting someone off, take a moment to take a step back. Let someone else get ahead of you — either in your traffic lane or on the train. Doing so won't just be a kind act for another person, it'll also remind you not to sweat the small stuff. Getting to work a minute early isn't important, helping someone who may need it more than you — even without knowing their story — absolutely is. 

4. Compliment someone.

There's nothing easier to give away than a compliment. It costs nothing, and you get so much in return. The compliment could be as simple as showing appreciation for a co-worker's outfit, or admiring another's book taste on the subway. Whatever you say, the fact that you took the time to notice another person for something positive will not only boost their self-esteem, but make you feel good, too. 

5. Surprise a loved one with breakfast in bed.

Whether you live with a significant other, roommates, or your parents, there's one way to make anyone's morning unexpectedly awesome: breakfast in bed. And you don't need to be a gourmet pancake-flipper or waffle master to pull this off. Many people will be more than happy with a bagel or even just a cup of coffee. If you happen to live alone, you can still do this by grabbing a loved one's favorite breakfast from a local cafe and bringing it to them. The best part of this sweet surprise? It could inspire someone to do the same for you!

Cover image via Unsplash.


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