What Can You Live For That's Worth Dying For? 5 Lessons For A Meaningful Work-Life.

Because being successful means being invested.

To succeed in business is to succeed in life, and finding your labor of love, your calling, is one of the best ways to live a meaningful life.


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1. Powerful ideas come from powerful conviction, and people with conviction have powerful vision.

Conviction starts with knowing why you're pursuing what you're pursuing. Don't take this lightly. If you don't have a strong reason for doing what you do, don't do it. Your vision will be weak, and your idea (and therefore work) will be shallow.

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2. Powerful visionaries have powerful existence and powerful existence come from a deep inner calling.

If you search long and hard for a strong reason to do what you do, and experiment (formerly known as failing) with different ideas, you'll gravitate toward your life calling. Once you have that, you'll wake up every morning with purpose and meaning and find yourself happy to work on it for the rest of your life, no matter how long it takes you. I call this the "Slow Start Up."

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3. A deep inner calling comes from a deep inclination and a deep inclination comes from endless wonder.

Endless wonder is to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe. Doesn't that sound great? Now find the one thing you catch yourself endlessly wondering about, or pissed off about. What really keeps you up at night, both good or bad? This way of being becomes a way of living, a practice that comes from a love for learning, and contemplation. Reflect and explore things both inside and outside of yourself for their own sake. This will lead you to discover your deep inner calling, and will lead you to work with love.

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4. Endless wonder comes from a quest to find answers, and a quest to find answers gives meaning to existence.

This is true whether you're practicing your calling full-time, or at nights and weekends after your day job. Paradoxically, once you tap into your love for learning, you'll discover you'll learn anything for its own sake, and this will turn you into an explorer. You may start asking yourself questions like "why do I exist?" or "what is it all about?"

5. A meaning to existence creates drive and motivation, and that’s what it takes to create a world of your vision.

Once you derive a lot of meaning from your work, you'll purposefully work with drive and motivation and will work tirelessly toward your goal.  Most importantly, you'll work with deep intelligence, and have the skills to visualize a world  adopting and using your art, products, books, etc. Ultimately, to create a great business, we're going for complex change, which isn't easy. 

Use this table as a guide:

Discover this one thing in yourself and you'll be successful from day one.

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